Facilities and Use Policies

Use of the church's facilities must be arranged through the church office.  If our schedule permits, the rooms may be reserved for community groups which are non-profit and service oriented and whose activity conforms to our Parish purpose.  The church and parish hall facilities are not rented for the purpose of obtaining income.  Per the Town of Hingham, the maximum number of persons permitted in the various areas of the parish buildings are as follows:

            Church (nave) – 300 people

            Upper Weld Hall – 200 people

            Lower Weld Hall – 130 people

1. All groups using the facilities must complete a written Facilities Use Application form showing the dates and times of use and the room/s being used, with the assurance that the space will be left clean and in the same order as when they arrived.  Applications must be approved by the Parish Office before use can be confirmed.  Groups charging or selling tickets for an event must have the approval of the Vestry before use is confirmed. 

2. Outside (non-parish) groups using the facilities must have adequate liability insurance protection for their group as St. John’s cannot be held responsible for any accident, theft, loss or damages incurred by any person or to any person, property, equipment and supplies used by the group while occupying the premises of St. John’s.  A copy of their current liability insurance must be submitted with the Facilities Use Application. 

3. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted inside the church facility.  Smoking is permitted outside the building.  Any trash and cigarette butts must be discarded in the containers outside. 

4.    A minimum donation of $300 per room is expected of any group, payable upon the acceptance of the completed application form.  Other fees may be assessed if the use involves more than one room or involves a significant time of use.  Groups charging for their event may be assessed additional fees.    For all groups, a basic fee of $100 for the Sexton will also be assessed, and an additional amount if the event requires the Sexton’s presence or significant preparation or cleanup. 

5. If an outside group wishes to use the kitchen, they may use the stove and counter tops but may not use any of the kitchenware, plates, flatware or cooking utensils.  It is expected that the kitchen floor, counter tops, stove and refrigerator will be left clean and in the condition in which they were before the event.  No foods may be left in the refrigerator, and all trash must be left in containers.  A member of the parish must be present when groups use the kitchen.  When youth are using the kitchen an adult must be present.  Food consumption is confined to Lower Weld Hall, unless explicit permission is given to take food elsewhere. 

6. Decorations for any event must be such that they can be easily removed. No nailing, taping or use of other adhesives to the floor, walls or ceiling is allowed.

7. Guests are asked to remain in the areas where the event is taking place and to not enter other areas of the building.  If the use of the nursery is required, one of the parish’s trained nursery personnel must be retained and present in the nursery.  This will require an additional fee. 

8. No vehicles may be parked in front of the church (emergency area) or in the fire lane on the side of the church.  Please keep all parking confined to the parking lot on the side and rear of the church. 

 Please contact the Parish Office for more information and to obtain a Building Use Form. Email the church office or call 781-749-1535.